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As already mentioned, the Southeast Netherlands has a strong position. If the clusters in the Southeast Netherlands want to remain internationally competitive, then the location climate must be improved. For the future of the Netherlands in the lead up to 2020 crucial measures, both immediate and further in the future, have to be taken in five domains. And in tackling these improvements, there must be tangible yardsticks. So what goals have to be achieved within which time span? High quality education that fits in with what companies need is necessary at every level, with an emphasis on engineering and entrepreneurship. The Southeast Netherlands is especially keen on attracting engineering and entrepreneurial talent, both domestic and foreign.

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Brainport is being propelled along its course by sustainable economic structure-building, but also requires initiatives and action in the field of the spatial and socio-civic structure. In short, Brainport requires an integrated approach with attention to:

The development of innovation centres, centres of excellence (consistent with the open innovation model) pertaining to microsystems, organic and inorganic medical systems, embedded systems, electronic network applications (connectivity etc), high-precision equipment, precision chemistry/materials, automotive. It is a matter of creatingpôles de compétitivité with international allure.

Brainport Eindhoven on map of Europe

Brainport Eindhoven is a top technology region of international importance. By fostering an unprecedented level of cooperation between regional stakeholders from the public and private sector, the Dutch city of Eindhoven has successfully developed into a centre for knowledge-intensive industry. The area is part of a larger cooperation structure of three complementary ecosystems with a strong knowledge base and technological industry, known as the ‘Eindhoven-Leuven-Aachen triangle’ (ELAt).

The unique ‘triple helix’ cooperation fosters partnership between local government, industry and knowledge institutes. Brainport today has around 733,000 residents and 400,000 jobs.

Eindhoven region

The Eindhoven region is one of the leading knowledge and innovation regions in Europe. With the indication of Brainport Eindhoven, it has been identified by the government as a key area for the national economy. The region distinguishes itself with a high degree of research and development in combination with industrial and high-technological activity.

In order to maintain this strong position, the business community, in cooperation with knowledge institutions and the government (Triple Helix), has drawn up a joint integral strategy under the title of Brainport Navigator 2013. This overall strategy for the improvement of the international business and investment climate in Brainport has four aspects: people, technology, business and basics.